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The Little Read Bookstore, Wauwatosa WI

Share Your Story: My Favorite Indie Bookstore

By AmyLoutoYou

The Little Read Bookstore, Wauwatosa WI

The Little Read Bookstore: a Wauwatosa destination

Bookstore Name

The Little Read Book

City & State

Wauwatosa, WI

Web Address


Set the scene

The village of Wauwatosa sits on a bend of the Menomonee River and serves as the hub of a community known for it's diverse and lovely homes. The Little Read Book participates in community events and is a destination for many in the Milwaukee suburb. Enter the store and pass through the fliers for community green events, school plays, fundraisers, a local fun. Enter and find a section devoted to local writers, and a children's room where school-age children learn the fine art of book-browsing. The booksellers are readers.

Tell us all about it

This Wauwatosa institution is a book-lovers haven. The booksellers are knowledgable and enthusiastic and want to sell you a book to rock your world. This is a small store, packed with love. The setting, among well-loved buildings of lannon stone and cream city brick, makes the experience magical.

In harvest season the bookstore location near the farmers market makes the trip a Saturday event. Take the bike to the store as a lovely bike trail with bike rack provide easy access. In winter, nearby local hardware stores--with creaky old floors-- pizza shops, local french bistros, artist stores, and more make The Little Read Book a year-round local destination. The community is so lovely, because business like the Little Read Book care for the people of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. They are also kind to local authors (like me.)

Tips and Tricks

  • Go there in November with your holiday gift list. Talk about the age and interest of the people on your list and they will know the right book--even if they have to order it.
  • Take advantage of the free gift wrapping.
  • Ask about their book club.
  • Stop by to read all the fliers in the window and fill up your calendar with great local events.
  • This independent bookstore and others around the city (Like The Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee, and Next Chapter in Mequon) make the Milwaukee area a better place to live.

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