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You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination

by Katharine Harmon (Editor)

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You Are Here by Katharine Harmon
Years before the publication of You Are Here, I met an artist whose painted upon GIS maps of various world regions. I was thoroughly captivated then, and I still am. Perhaps, as Katharine Harmon suggests, we humans have an innate urge to map.

Today, inspired by You Are Here, I built a "map" of plastic pails, shovels, and other sandbox toys with my children. I laid the foundation, a starting point and an ending point with roads drawn into the sand to connect the two, and then invited my kids to join in. Before it was over, they had built quite a sandbox menagerie that included roads, lakes, bridges, and even an amusement park, all symbolically arranged in sand and plastic toys. I don't know if it was innately motivated, but it sure was cool.
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