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Books Coming in March 2010

New Book Release Calendar


Ambitious new novels from Ian McEwan and Chang-Rae Lee are highlights in March, which also sees humorous offerings from the likes of Christopher Moore, Sam Lipsyte, and Chelsea Handler. And the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is back with a new spoof.

1. 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' by Seth Grahame-Smith

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith
© Grand Central Publishing
March 02, 2010
Seth Grahame-Smith's spoof of a Jane Austen classic, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, became a national hit. Now he returns with a bit of some revisionist history concerning Abraham Lincoln.
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2. 'The Ask' by Sam Lipsyte

The Ask by Sam Lipsyte
© Farrar, Straus and Giroux
March 2, 2010
Milo Burke, a jaded university development officer, finds himself on the brink of joblessness with the only thing between him and the unemployment line being the successful completion of a major "ask," in which the prospective donor is an old college classmate. From the author of Home Land.
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3. 'Bite Me: A Love Story' by Christopher Moore

Bite Me: A Love Story by Christopher Moore
© HarperCollins
March 23, 2010
The usual suspects return for the final installment of Christopher Moore's San Francisco Vampire trilogy (Bloodsucking Fiends, You Suck). Read the first two chapters of Bite Me on Moore's blog.
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4. 'The History of White People' by Nell Irvin Painter

The History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter
© W.W. Norton

March 15, 2010
Award-winning author and historian, Nell Irvin Painter, plumbs ancient history that includes Caesar, Saint Patrick, and Emerson, “the philosopher king of American white race theory,” in discovering the history and definition of whiteness.
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5. 'The House of Tomorrow' by Peter Bognanni

The House of Tomorrow by Peter Bognanni
© Penguin

March 4, 2010
Cross the visionary philosophies of Buckminster Fuller with the raw energy of punk rock music, and the result is Iowa Writer's workshop graduate Peter Bognanni's debut novel, The House of Tomorrow
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6. 'House Rules' by Jodi Picoult

House Rules by Jodi Picoult
© Simon & Schuster
March 2, 2010
In House Rules, Jodi Picoult joins Mark Haddon (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time) and Ann Bauer (A Wild Ride Up the Cupboards) in addressing the intricate struggles of protagonists with Asperger's Syndrome. Oh, and it's also a murder mystery.
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7. 'Known to Evil' by Walter Mosley

Known to Evil by Walter Mosley
© Riverhead
March 23, 2010
The second book in Walter Mosley's new bestselling mystery series (after The Long Fall) features Leonid McGill, a New York private detective and bad-guy-turned-good once again called upon by the powers that be to chase down inscrutable matters of intrigue.
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8. 'Solar' by Ian McEwan

Solar by Ian McEwan
© Nan A. Talese
March 30, 2010
At the center of Ian McEwan's Solar is an award-winning physicist who comes under attack for remarks suggesting that brain differences between men and women account for disparity of success in the workforce, rather than discrimination.
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9. 'The Surrendered' by Chang-Rae Lee

The Surrendered by Chang-Rae Lee
© Riverhead
March 9, 2010
An 11-year-old refugee by the name of June Han, an American G.I. Hector Brennan meet at an orphanage during the Korean War, where they receive the attention of a lovely but damaged missionary wife. Thirty years later, they must come to terms with this past. Korean author Chang-Rae Lee's fourth novel may be his most ambitious to date.
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10. 'Wisdom: From Philosophy to Neuroscience' by Stephen Hall

Wisdom: From Philosophy to Neuroscience by Stephen Hall
© Knopf
March 9, 2010
What is wisdom? Award-winning science writer Stephen S. Hall traverses territory from philosophy to science in a thought-provoking investigation of this question.
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