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Graphic Novels

The red-headed step children of literature, graphic novels are claiming their due as a genre of note.

The Mysterious Underground Men by Osamu Tezuka
Revered as one of the first instances of long-form manga, Osamu Tezuka's 1948 story is presented in glorious full-color facsimile.

The Best American Comics 2013
The Best American Comics 2013 compiles work from graphic novels, anthologies and webcomics from the past year into a single, full-color hardcover edition.

Tune: Still Life by Derk Kirk Kim and Les McClaine
Tune: Still Life is the second installment in a series featuring Andy Go, a hapless Korean-American art student who, through a series of bad decisions, blusters his way into a job as a specimen in a pan-dimensional zoo.

The Heart of Thomas by Moto Hagio
Well-known Japanese manga author Moto Hagio delivers a deeply complex shonen-ai story in The Heart of Thomas.

Building Stories by Chris Ware
Chris Ware's Building Stories is a stunningly beautiful collection of 14 distinct but interconnected printed pieces - from booklets to broadsheets to bound books - featuring a nameless, one-legged, female protagonist.

Journalism by Joe Sacco
Joe Sacco delivers a definitive collection of short-form comics journalism that includes war reportage from Iraq, documentation of India's untouchables, and more.

Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick's graphic biography tells the story of the famously iconoclastic Richard Feynman, who worked on the Manhattan Project and whose work in quantum physics was groundbreaking.

Big Questions by Anders Nilsen
Anders Nilsen's Big Questions is collected for the first time in its entirety, from its inception as a Xeoroxed and stapled comic book through it's 12-year evolution into what could be considered the pinnacle of comics-as-literature.

The Book of Human Insects by Osamu Tezuka
Toshiko Tomura is successful at everything she does. The beautiful stage actress has won design compositions for her architectural work and a prestigious Akutagawa Prize for her recent novel, "The Book of Human Insects." But readers of Osamu Tezuka's most fashionable work to date will find Tomura's path to greatness is littered with the bodies...

Level Up by Gene Luen Yang, Thien Pham
In Level Up, Gene Luen Yang revisits themes of coming-of-age as an Asian-American, this time casting his net over the role of family - specifically parents - in helping (or hindering) our definition of who we are.

Paying for It by Chester Brown
Bald and bespectacled, Chester Brown slouches through the panels of Paying For It, a new graphic memoir about Brown’s experiences paying women for sex.

Ayako by Osamu Tezuka
Spanning twenty-five years and seven hundred pages, Ayako unfolds like a Victorian novel by way of Alfred Hitchcock: dark family secrets collide with political espionage and create one of the most layered and nuanced graphic novels to ever reach our shores.

Stigmata by Lorenzo Mattoti and Claudio Piersanti
In this graphic novel, Mattotti and Piersanti have created an exceptional example of a successful collaboration of art and text.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec
First serialized in 1972, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec is set in a stunningly rendered turn-of-the-century Paris and revolves around the eponymous hero as she investigates strange occurrences to fuel her career as a mystery author.

Flight - Volume Five edited by Kazu Kibuishi
This annual collection of work from ridiculously talented comics writers and illustrators is so gorgeous you'll want to own every one.

ACME Novelty Library by Chris Ware
An introduction to an artist who is one of the greatest technical innovators of the graphic novel form and a great place from which to jump into Chris Ware's other work.

Graphic Novels: Everything You Need To Know by Paul Gravett
A highly illustrated guide to the genre featuring striking graphics and explanatory extracts from a wide range of graphic novels.

Watchmen and the Birth of Respect for the Graphic Novel
The October 24, 2005 issue of Time Magazine named "Watchmen" as one of the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present. What is it about "Watchmen" that turned the media's eye to this long-neglected literary medium?

Big Questions, an Interview with Anders Nilsen
A comic artist who's work has been quietly gaining momentum over the past few years in collections and quarterlies such as MOME, Kramer's Ergot, and the Drawn and Quarterly Showcase.

Acme Novelty Library #16 by Chris Ware
This newest edition of The ACME Novelty Library features the first serial installment of "Rusty Brown," Ware's first major lengthy "narrative indulgence" since his Jimmy Corrigan graphic novel.

Black Hole by Charles Burns
Charles Burns' epic graphic novel about an alien plague attacking teenagers in suburban Seattle during the mid-1970s.

Mome Fall 2005 (#2)
Mome is the first all-comics literary anthology designed to sit alongside publications like Granta, The Baffler, McSweeney's, et. al.

The Unsinkable Walker Bean
Walker Bean is a bookish pre-teen whose grandfather, an admiral in the navy, falls ill after gazing upon a cursed skull taken from a deep ocean trench in the Mango Islands. The trench is home to Remora and Tartessa, two giant, horrifying, arachnidesque sea witches who, as it happens, would like to have their skull back - thank you very much - and are coming to get it.

Craig Thompson (Blankets) weaves both a narrative and graphical tapestry in Habibi, a 700 page epic story of two slave children that incorporates mysticism, numerology, sexuality, and the narrative union of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

The End by Anders Nilsen
The End is Anders Nilsen's moving graphical meditation on his fiancee's death in 2005.

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