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Web Humor - About.com
About.com is your source for the funniest viral content. Check out the top memes, funny pictures, and humor blogs. See what funny people to follow on Twitter, ...
Christmas Humor: Best Political Cartoons, Jokes and Memes
A roundup of the funniest political cartoons, quotes, and memes about Christmas and the 2013 holiday season.
Maintaining a Sense of Humor a Stress Coping Mechanism
Developing a sense of humor about life's challenges is an effective coping technique that can actually lead to better overall health as well as simple stress ...
Holiday Humor - Web Humor - About.com
Holiday Humor. All your holiday comedy favorites, like funny Christmas songs and silly Easter Bunny jokes, served up just in time for whatever holiday's coming  ...
Political Humor - Jokes Satire and Political Cartoons
The go-to source for political humor and political cartoons, updated daily with jokes, cartoons, satire, videos, and funny news.
Humor Guidelines - About.com Marriage
Yes, laughter is a great medicine, but teasing and joking in your marriage can be hurtful, too. Here are guidelines for keeping the humor in your marriage healthy ...
About.com Web Humor Lists: 25 Best College Humor Videos
College Humor is one of the most well-respected names in the online humor industry. It also serves as an excellent and chilling reminder to people like me, who ...
Geography Humor - About.com
Geography Humor. Enjoy these geographically humorous lists and anecdotes! If you have some geographic humor, please email me and if it's funny, I'll include ...
Humor and 9/11 - How Comedy Helped America Heal in Wake of ...
The obituaries were written by hyperventilating pundits everywhere, who were quick to declare a seismic shift in our cultural landscape and the death of humor ...
Tea Party Jokes Cartoons and Tea Party Humor
The Tea Party movement is on the rise, and so, too is Tea Party mockery. See a roundup of some of the best jokes, cartoons, and other humor poking fun at the ...
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