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Mystery and Suspense
Guide picks
Resources for mystery and suspense fiction readers.

Burning Garbo
So what's the state of the new wave, contemporary mystery? It's niddy-gritty. It's stripped-down, moving fast, landing neat. It's fueled by the ghost of Chandler, shooting straight for the glitzy heart of LaLa Land and the megabuck big screen.

Mystery / Suspense Publishers
About.com's Publishing Guide has a great list of publishers specializing in Mystery and Suspense fiction.

Collecting Mystery and Suspense Novels
About.com's book-collecting guide gives has information on collecting mystery and suspense novels.

Mystery and Suspense Reviews at Mostly Fiction
This is a great resource for reviews with a lot of information on specific authors as well.

Mystery Writers Resource on DMOZ
This is great whether you're a mystery writer or reader. A lot of really interesting links.

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