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Lies (and the Lying Liars who Tell Them): A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right

by Al Franken

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Lies (and the Lying Liars who Tell Them)
The answer - from "The Ronald Reagan Homepage," a site not run by financial experts, or even anyone involved in the Reagan administration, just a fan of Ronald Reagan. Not the most reliable and impartial source.

Lies is filled with plenty of hits and only a few misses. Some personal favorite chapters detail: Franken's personal challenge to Rich Lowry, editor of National Review to fight him in a parking garage after Lowry accused liberals of "sissifying" politics; a trip to Bob Jones University (the school that made headlines for its ban on interracial dating) with a member of TeamFranken posing as a prospective student; a hilarious comic strip called "The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus;" and Franken's touching memorial to his friend Senator Paul Wellstone, who died tragically in 2002.

Even Franken's most loyal fans can't deny the childishness behind some of his name-calling and some may say he's doing no more than calling the kettle black, but its clear that what lies behind Franken's ire is not prospective personal gain, but a true passion for his cause. So much can't always be said for the Hannitys, Coulters, and O'Reillys of the world.
Franken is as passionate and fiery as they come and is a welcome voice to the liberal cause. As for the name calling, though my mother always told me "two wrongs don't make a right" there seems to be no evidence that this is the case in the political media today, where all too often conservatives dish it out and liberals sit back and take it. In Franken's case a little wrong goes a long way.
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